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June 20, 2013

Meet Maggie, Toby & Dusty!


Karen reached out to me recently knowing that she absolutely must have a pet session.  She said she’d been contemplating it for a while and then just that week, found out that her beloved Maggie was diagnosed with cancer so it was definitely time.

We met at the studio and there I met all three of her loves — all three Beagles and all three with very individual personalities!  We had Maggie who just loved on her mom a lot, Toby who inspected the space and could have sworn he kept throwing me dirty looks :) and Dusty who was the jumper, the ball catcher and the one who made everyone else exhausted by just watching his energy!

We had a lot of fun and from what I understand, everyone was super exhausted afterwards, including their mom!  Karen, enjoy these sneaks!  I have a few more that will be on another post coming up tomorrow so come back and visit!
Toby, checking himself out…he is a handsome boy!


Dusty, ready to play BALL!


And Miss Maggie, getting loads of love from her mom!








November 28, 2012

1 Great Dane + 3 kids = A crazy, fun Puparazzi Session!


What happens when you put a 3 kids under the age of 10 and one beautifully, enormous Great Dane by the name of Dempsey in one studio space!?  A crazy, good, fun session, and a bit of chaos, of course! :)

I had such a blast with these four and the photos, although, not perfect, for me are imperfectly perfect because it just speaks to the day and the energy that these four brought to the session!  Dempsey is now 1 years old (I photographed him when he was a puppy) and my, he has grown!  His human babies were way too sweet and I am so lucky to have been able to capture these special moments with all of them!

Enjoy the Sneaks!

Photographer’s favorite!


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November 23, 2012

Miss Sophie is so loved…read more & see a Sneak from our session below!


This photo session was a birthday gift from my current clients to their parents, Dot & Jim.  They told me that Dot & Jim loved this dog so much and she was like their baby so a unique gift such as a photo shoot was an absolute must!

Sophie was adopted by Dot & Jim a few years ago from a rescue that had picked her up on the streets of Atlanta.  Now, she has traveled to Alaska, goes camping every so often or is busy chasing squirrels and talking to neighborhoods dogs in her beautiful back yard!  She is a very lucky girl to have Dot & Jim love her so and I think she knows it!  I had a great time photographing Sophie — she was a true character!  Dot & Jim, thank you for having me out and I hope you enjoy these Sneaks from our session!

Photographer’s favorite –


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August 13, 2012

Very little words needed for this session considering both “models” were ultra-cute and so much fun to photograph!  Check out the Sneak below!


Very little words needed for this session considering both “models” were ultra-cute and so much fun to photograph!  Check out the Sneak below!