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April 2, 2012

Yes, I promise that this is true!! Take a peek at Leo’s Sneak!


Well, let’s just say that the one (really good) shot I got of Leo in studio was when he was totally not expecting it and trying to hustle out real quick!  I was just a second quicker but after that, he wasn’t playing the game, that was for sure!  I think I have more photos of his mom & dad laying on the floor, throwing the ball, throwing out treats, pretty much doing every and anything they could to get him to participate.  Leo wasn’t having any of it!

A sweet, little boy who was rescued by a great couple, he was just so anxious about the lights and the whole studio set up, he promptly decided that he was not made for studio, and once I put my camera down, he actually came over and gave me a kiss.  What a smart little man!

So we (Leo) decided that he would prefer to be photographed outdoors, at a local park where he can run, jump, get wet and run some more.   And so we did!  And what a different dog!  I could swear he is actually smiling in all of the outdoor shots versus the cursing I am sure I felt during studio! ;)

I couldn’t help myself and because he was so fun to watch, a lot of these are a series of shots of Leo having a blast outside…and way more than just a little Sneak Peek as well!  Enjoy!