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June 20, 2013

Meet Maggie, Toby & Dusty!


Karen reached out to me recently knowing that she absolutely must have a pet session.  She said she’d been contemplating it for a while and then just that week, found out that her beloved Maggie was diagnosed with cancer so it was definitely time.

We met at the studio and there I met all three of her loves — all three Beagles and all three with very individual personalities!  We had Maggie who just loved on her mom a lot, Toby who inspected the space and could have sworn he kept throwing me dirty looks :) and Dusty who was the jumper, the ball catcher and the one who made everyone else exhausted by just watching his energy!

We had a lot of fun and from what I understand, everyone was super exhausted afterwards, including their mom!  Karen, enjoy these sneaks!  I have a few more that will be on another post coming up tomorrow so come back and visit!
Toby, checking himself out…he is a handsome boy!


Dusty, ready to play BALL!


And Miss Maggie, getting loads of love from her mom!








December 20, 2012

A little Beagle – Cavalier mix Rosie = a ridiculously cute Sneak!!


Ok, big eyes, big ears, big howl and BIG cuteness!! That was Miss Rosie in the studio this past weekend!  She was adorable and her mom and I had so much fun during the session with her!  She loves carrying sticks 10 times her size and drops to the floor when mom says ‘bang-bang’ and she is a total lover!  Here are some Sneaks from our oh-so-fun session – enjoy!

Photographer’s Favorite!

December 10, 2012

Because the Outtakes are just as much (or more) fun the the actual images!! Click on ‘Open Post’ to see the Outtakes!


Because I laugh almost the entire time I edit these, I wanted to share the laughter with all of you! These babies are goofy, silly, excited and sometimes a little ticked off and still, they are just the cutest, always!!

Sneaks are coming up tomorrow but in the mean time, enjoy the Outtakes – they are almost more fun than the “official” ones!